oh fall


I have missed the cooler weather and am ready for it but not prepared for it. Need to switch over the wardrobe. Lucky I had pulled some long sleeve tshirts for camping or I may have not had anything to wear today!




Life is finding normalcy. Got a job but it is from 5am-8am. That is hard but I am kinda enjoying it, it gives me something to look forward to and some consistency. I want to start subbing and get back to school but to be perfectly honest I am scared!  I am just praying through that and trusting Gods time and plan is greater than mine.

The rest of my time is spent thinking about the wedding. Boy there is a lot of stuff to be done! I keep trying to make everyone else happy and ok with what is happening and enjoy it as much as I do. It feels like every decision I make is the wrong one.  I am happy with what I have chosen and kinda wish everyone else would just be excited for me and stop pushing their own wants and desires on me!

Currently it is 3:43am on Friday morning I have been awake for over an hour. I am sitting in the living room watching ‘Good Luck Charlie’ on Disney( that is the only thing that is not an infomercial on) listening to Jason’s best friend snore in the guest room. We will be leaving in a few hours for the river. Jason and his family have been taking this trip for 11 or more years. Some great people go and that is why I enjoy it, the company. I don’t sleep and it wears on me and starting off with very little sleep is not going to go over well.

My back is killing me and I do not feel well. I do believe that whatever illness that was i the house I babysit at has not affected me. My lungs hurt,and are so full of crap. I am sure not sleeping this weekend will not help me feel any better. I am tempted to stay home and sleep but I think that is depression talking and I always feel better after spending time with the people that go camping with us so I am looking forward to it as much as my body says noooo!!

Thank you Lord


For all that You’ve done, I will thank You
For all the You’re going to do
For all that You’ve promised
And all that You are
Is all that has carried me through
Jesus I thank You

Some words from  a beautifully simple song by Hillsong that I have been singing in my head for days now.

I needed to take time to publicly and out loud say thank you Lord.  I have been in a small whirlwind of myself lately and its time to step out of it! I am reminded each day how far God has brought me. I feel so blessed.

I am headache and pain-free now for over 3 months. I have not had to take any of my medications for over 3 months either. I can’t believe it sometimes. I thought I would be on some of these meds for the rest of my life. But God has given me strength to deal with stresses better which means I don’t have to take the migraine  pills and God gave me Jason to help me deal with the depression and remind me just how lucky and blessed I am how blessed we are eliminating the need for anti-depressive meds. I can handle things better I don’t feel overwhelmed, I sleep better, and eat better and you can see happy all over my face. It feels good!!!

Now I am not done growing and learning, I never will be! But I am happy and blessed and can’t forget that! God deserves more of me and I am still learning what that looks like and how that I can better serve God and others with my hands, feet and life!

What more can you do?

Why Hello August!!


August is already 3 days in and I am not sure where those days went! It is only going to get crazier. I a, driving somewhere always every weekend this month. There are showers, meetings with coordinators,musicians, and florist. Then there’s engagement pictures. I am excited and glad I didn’t travel this last couple weekends as I needed a small break.

In8 days I am moving to Decatur and then in 94 days we are getting married! I wish it was sooner but still excited. I am feeling the pressure but looking forward to all the little projects for the wedding that I will be working on over the next months.

I am so excited to take this next step!!!

who I am


I walk through stores and everything is cute. I love the look of this and that oh and that is cute too! My MIL pointed this out to me and I has got me thinking. I am new to decorating and crafting so I not sure what my style is just yet! But I will learn. I look at all kinds of blogs I look through magazine and shop and find great ideas to try. I look forward to getting to figure out my style and decorating our home together. One day I may have a defined style but right now I love it all and it is all cute!!!!

Its happening!!


I know I sound like a broken record but its happening and I can’t help but feel like a kid at christmas. In a few short days I will be making Decatur my permanent home AHHHH!!!! I am excited to not have to travel over a hundred miles, 3 hours just to be able to spend time with Jason. I can’t wait to be in the same city, be able to take care of the house, cook for us(we are both working on eating better), get all the wedding stuff done and not have to tote all the materials back and forth.

This weekend well yesterday, I started organizing stuff around the house and getting rid of older stuff. I realize that we are getting married and registered for stuff. Which I am excited about it! We get to start our new life together with new stuff! Jason doesn’t understand that sometimes. I know we have a lot of stuff already between us already but it is mine and his not ours! I am most excited about new towels and sheets! Maybe I am strange but that excites me!

The other exciting news is our very first wedding gift is happening! Jason’s parents are helping us finish the hall/guest bathroom! I am so grateful for them. They see what we need and are willing to help us out anyway they can! So we have the countertops, sinks, toilet and faucets all bought/ordered and ready to go and be installed! Now it just has to happen. I will be taking pictures as it happens so you can see the progress! The best part……we are widening the closet in the bathroom. I use  it as a linen closet and would love to be able to get to all of it and not that to reach into the closet so far!

So many exciting things…so many changes…..will keep you updated as I go or promise to try!

feeling new


I started the day a little frustrated but then I went to get my hair did!!

Others around the blog world have been talking about hair let me tell you about my hair! It is thick and always has been. No one has ever known what to do with it. I met Ms. Jackie when I was 8 years old and she was the ONLY I mean only person I allowed to touch my hair til I was 22. I would drive back to Nashville just so she could do my hair!

Then one day a miracle happened I had to get my hair cut it was OUT OF CONTROL so I searched for reviews online and I found a salon here in Jackson and met Chasity my hair angel. She knew what she was doing and could thin out and cut my hair without destroying it!
I tried different ladies here in Jackson and in Decatur but they would ALWAYS cut the top layer too short and my hair became a helmet!! It was terrible I had to wear it up til it grew a little. And I don’t dare ask them to razor cut or thin my hair like I like because I have heard the horror stories of chunks of hair being taken out. But Chasity offered to do that so I knew she knew what she was doing. I love going to see her I feel like a new women each and everytime!