Things are getting done!!


Got a dress that I am in love him…there is picture of me in it on my desktop the only other picture I have had up there is on my family, Jason and Izzy. So I am totally happy with it!!

Booked a hair and makeup person trial run in Oct.

Booked a photographer. A friend from college that I am so excited to use.

Ordered invitations that will be here tomorrow and will be ready to be addressed!!

Bought a headpiece, undergarments and earrings…need a bracelet!

all the flowers are finish except little decorations that will be done rehearsal day.

I love that so much is getting done and I just keep getting more and more excited


About poppinsflowers

Welcome to my little corner of the Craft World. I make and sell ribbon flowers. I can put them on different hardware from headbands to clips of different varieties. I will post pictures of ones I have created for other people and of the different ribbons I have. I can do custom orders as well. I will use this blog to show off other creations and projects along the way!

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