Think of something else


That  is what I keep telling my brain. It has been racing and racing and racing some more. I have to remember my quiet time at night or I do think I would go a little bit crazy.

Trying to think of and get done all the little things for a wedding is what my brain has been racing about. I don’t want a big affair but I don’t want to offend anyone, hurt any feelings or step on toes but then I say whose opinion REALLY matters, right? That struggle is making my brain hurt.

I don’t want to finish everything(flowers,favors,programs) right now because what will I do closer to the date but it feels good to get thing done.

My mission right now is to gather music choices so I can meet with the music director at the church and get things approved and rolling. Then it is musicians!



About poppinsflowers

Welcome to my little corner of the Craft World. I make and sell ribbon flowers. I can put them on different hardware from headbands to clips of different varieties. I will post pictures of ones I have created for other people and of the different ribbons I have. I can do custom orders as well. I will use this blog to show off other creations and projects along the way!

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