We all have our reasons for doing things.

Reasons for getting up in the morning. Reasons for buying that dress or pair of shoes.  Reasons we love someone or something. There is a reason for everything we do.

The last diet I did, which was actually one of my favorite diets if there is such a thing, asked you to list the reasons you are doing the diet. I liked that casue I could look back at the list if I ever got down or discouraged. They also encouraged you keep a journal which was the best thing for me. I am just going to use this blog as my journal….


  • health
  • my future kids… I come with issues that I can’t control that could affect having kids but my weight is one issue that I CAN control and I plan to!
  • Confidence: I want to feel good about myself again. I want to enjoy getting up and dressed in the morning I don’t want to hate shopping for clothes anymore
  • Jason… I want him to look at me and say that is my beautiful girlfriend. He already looks at me and tells me I am beautiful but I don’t feel beautiful and I want to put in the effort for him he deserves it.

What are your reasons for change?


About poppinsflowers

Welcome to my little corner of the Craft World. I make and sell ribbon flowers. I can put them on different hardware from headbands to clips of different varieties. I will post pictures of ones I have created for other people and of the different ribbons I have. I can do custom orders as well. I will use this blog to show off other creations and projects along the way!

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