Celebrate the small things


Weight loss is a definite journey and you have to celebrate my small successes.

First success getting my butt out of bed and going to exercise!  OH my goodness Zumba was such a blast. I was out of town this weekend and my body missed it. My body has never missed exercise. I was craving it! It truly is a party. You shake your butt and look like a fool doing it and no body cares! It does not matter what you look like or if you do the “steps” wrong as long as you move it works. I felt the affects the same day and I think it is going to be the best thing I can do for myself!

I am just too excited about my choices everyday now. I am choosing health and not surrendering to depression any longer!!


About poppinsflowers

Welcome to my little corner of the Craft World. I make and sell ribbon flowers. I can put them on different hardware from headbands to clips of different varieties. I will post pictures of ones I have created for other people and of the different ribbons I have. I can do custom orders as well. I will use this blog to show off other creations and projects along the way!

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